SWOT Analysis Jollibee 2023

Name Jollibee Foods Corp.
Industry Food Service, Franchising, and Leasing.
Founded 1975
Headquarter Pasig City, 1605, Philippines
CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong
Revenue: USD 179,626.18M
Gross Profit: USD 28,772.01M
Competitors: Restaurant Brands International Inc, Yum! Brands, Inc.
McDonald’s Corporation, Max’s Group Inc, Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc., Good Times Restaurants Inc., Alliance Global Group Inc., FAT Brands Inc.  

Jollibee Foods Corporation has become the leading quick-service restaurant franchise in the Philippines. They have more than 1,150 stores domestically and also have a presence in the rest of Asia. Everything started in 1975 with Jollibee being solely an ice-cream parlor with just 2 locations.
The growth in the following years was rapid as they managed to be the first fast-food franchise to hit 1 Billion Pesos in revenue in 1989. Jollibee was also the very first fast-food franchise that went public in the Philippines stock exchange. Today, use a detailed SWOT Analysis matrix of the brand to evaluate where it stands in 2023 and beyond.

Jollibee Strengths Analysis

Very strong brand name in the Philippines.

The company is the equivalent of a local Mcdonald’s franchise in terms of recognition. Filipinos love it and brand loyalty is incredibly high. As a result, in Asian countries where there are Filipino ex-pats, Jollibee stores always have an edge against competitors.

Tasty fast food dishes that are also healthier.

The company has succeeded in branding themselves as having a good balance between the “typical” fast-food meals and healthy home-made dishes low in trans-fat.

Local quality food catered to Filipinos

It is not just a global fast food that sells food in their market. They offer food made by Filipinos to Filipinos. They know exactly what type of taste and overall feel the customers want and they deliver. This is a very strong defensive mechanism against international brands that would potentially attempt to grow their share in the market. No matter what competitors do, they could never be the local icon Jollibee is.

Convenient locations and 24-hour service

With more than 1,150 locations, drive-thrus, online delivery, and 24-hour operation the company strive to make the customer experience super easy and hassle-free. 

  • Family Oriented Branding & Internal Governance:

    Their focus has always been in promoting the traditional family values, by implementing a likewise approach in the company structure and management. The result was winning the best employer in the Philippines Award from Hewitt Associated and reaching the Top 20 Employers in Asia according to the Wall Street Journal.

Jollibee Weaknesses 2020:

  • Super healthy and clean eating diet trends lower the appeal of eating fast-food.

    No matter how “healthy” fast-food brands try to make their products, more and more people decide to stop consuming them. This is an intrinsic weakness for brands like Jollibee as the public has associated strictly with the fast-food industry.
  • A small number of stores outside the Philippines due to Filippino based tastes and branding.

    Even though they have clearly conquered their domestic market, the same can’t be said for the international market. Non-Filipino consumers would be more likely to prefer the rest of the international fast-food brands
  • Product offerings don’t change often.

    Consumers might like the original tastes but every business has to continuously strive to offer something new and exciting. 
  • In 2020, the pandemic caused a loss of about $336M and led to the closing of close to 255 worldwide

Jollibee Opportunities 2020:

  • Acquiring or creating businesses that have a “clean eating” and healthy lifestyle brand identity.

    This is the only way Jollibee can please the entire spectrum of consumers. Having a dedicated offering for each one, without trying to repurpose their existing brand.
  • Offer new products and continue to innovate.

    Jollibee needs to continue experimenting with their tastes so their loyal customer base will have even more reasons to make an order.
  • Further expansion in the international markets.

    They can acquire well-established brands that follow the principles behind the success of Jollibee inside the Philippines. Thus, diversifying their business portfolio and not relying on a single market.

Jollibee Threats 2020:

  • The ever increasing competition in the fast-food industry.

    The giants of this space like Mcdonald’s, KFC, Burger King are always on the hunt for the next opportunity. If they decide that they want to penetrate further the Asian market, Jollibee will have a tough time keeping up.
  • Regulations.

    As everything globally shifts to a healthier way of living, many products, ingredients, or ways of food processing can become banned. This means that rapid action is required in order to constantly adapt to the ever-changing laws. That type of action and preparation always demand large amounts of time, energy, and resources that could have been allocated elsewhere.

Jollibee SWOT Analysis Conclusion:

  • Jollibee is a very strong brand that can maintain its leading role in the Philippines if the company continues to adapt and evolve. Despite the competition, the selling proposition is unique enough to keep Jollibee apart from anyone else inside their country.
  • If they manage to double down on their core strengths and don’t neglect their weaknesses they will definitely continue to thrive. According to CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong, the company will go under a major cost-improving procedure. More specifically, according to the CFO Ysmael Baysa 255 stores will close down and 95 stores will change ownership from the company to a franchise.

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