Personal SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a time tested strategy organizations use to distinguish Strengths and Weaknesses as well as Opportunities and Threats.

This significant exercise can likewise be useful for people. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a new position or attempting to climb the company ladder, a personal SWOT analysis can enable you to accomplish your objectives. It’s an innovative technique for self-appraisal to enable you to evaluate where your vocation is and where it could go.

What should a Personal SWOT Analysis include?

Bring out a piece of paper and separate it into four boxes, one for each category of the analysis. We are going to follow the exact same process we use for evaluating a brand. You have to think thoroughly what are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


  • Do you have an education & certifications that set’s you apart from everyone else?
  • Any specific skills or talents?
  • Think of what makes your boss or supervisor most pleased from your work.
  • Are you the most honest person you know from your colleagues?
  • Any special achievement inside your job role that makes you proud of?


  • Do you find it hard to meet deadlines?
  • Do you always bring up the worst excuses for not showing up or not delivering on-time?
  • Do you avoid taking new responsibilities?
  • Any behavior of your’s that you clearly decreases the output of the whole team?


  • Any of your connections that could help you improve?
  • Attain a new skill that could increase your productivity
  • Take on some new responsibility that could then boost you in a higher role?


  • Lack of deep domain expertise or certification may lead to you losing your job.
  • Downturn of the economy that could result in lay offs
  • Being disliked by supervisors and never be promoted to higher positions.
  • New technology making your position obsolete.

After answering all the above and similar questions, you should have a pretty decent idea of where you are at the moment. If you identified things that need improvement and could potentially benefit you significantly ACT FAST.

Personal SWOT Analysis Examples

George is 25 years old and works at a local restaurant. He doesn’t have any type of certification or higher level education.

● He is the most experienced worker in the business at the moment.
● He is very honest and trustworthy. Owner loves him
● Can work long hours without ever complaining


  • He only knows how to clean and cook.
  • He has no managing skills and can’t control a team.
  • He doesn’t always speak politely to customers


  • He can learn from his boss and manager how to manage a team.
  • He could complete some business management certification.


  • He will never be promoted if he continues to lack knowledge and skills.
  • Another skilled person might be hired soon, making his promotion impossible
  • His lack of any high value skills & certifications make him very vulnerable to a possible lay off. It will be very hard for him to become quickly employed.

Why is a personal SWOT analysis important?

Performing a SWOT analysis for ourselves is the most important thing we can do to assess our performance and productivity. What gets measured, gets accomplished. It is impossible to improve when we don’t know ourselves and who we truly are. We have to look in the mirror and be fully honest and transparent. We have to confront our weaknesses once and for all.

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